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All companies supplying goods and services for Lizaz Food are required to be registered.

There are different registration and qualification processes depending on a number of factors such as the company’s location and type of supplier (material vendor, manufacturer or service provider). Lizaz Food is looking for highly performed and qualified suppliers to provide best-in-class materials and services.

It is important to note that registration and qualification as a Lizaz Food supplier does not guarantee future business with Lizaz Food.

Registration requirements

Below are the registration requirements that need to be provided by any In-India* based supplier (materials or services) interested to register with Lizaz Food Company.

Government requirements
  •    A valid copy of the Commercial Registration (Proprietorship/Partnership certificate, Udyog Aadhaar, Company establishment certificate, any other organization govt.              approved) Certificate
  •    A valid copy of the Industrial License Certification (manufacturers only).
  •    A valid copy of the FSSAI, ISO, BRC etc Certification (if applicable)
  •    A valid copy of the Trade mark certificate (if applicable).
  •    A valid copy of the Goods and Services Tax (GSTIN) Certification.
  •    A valid copy of the Social Insurance (SI) Certification (if applicable).
  •    A valid copy of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Membership (RCMC) Certification.
  •    Contractor Government Classification, if applicable (service providers only).
  •    Any other certificate, documents as require by Lizaz food from supplier from time to time.

Lizaz Food Company requirements

  •    Original acknowledgement of Lizaz Food’s Suppliers Code of Conduct.
  •    A letter from the bank with which the company is dealing, stating the type of service that the bank normally provides to your company and relationship status.
  •    A valid Company Ownership Profile with required supporting documents).
  •    Authorized Signatory Letter identifying the Authorized Company Employees dealing with Lizaz Food.
  •    Please email to for detail list of documents and procedure.
  •    Note, the above requirements are not applicable to Out of India suppliers..

Out of India suppliers

As a leading global, integrated Food and Agriculture company with operations and projects around the world, our work calls for quality products and services, everywhere we do business. Trusted international manufacturers, material vendors, and service providers help us meet those needs.

International companies that operate outside the India seeking to do business with Lizaz Food must communicate with the appropriate Lizaz legal authority.

We will evaluate the information provided and determine whether there is a business need for the registration of additional materials or services. Any further evaluation will depend on whether the supplier is deemed financially and technically acceptable. International suppliers who demonstrate that their materials or services offer significant technical or commercial benefit to the company will be further considered.

To register as an Out of India based supplier, please contact the Lizaz admin department mentioning your location and send formal mail on info@lizazfoodcom

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