Tomato Paste

Best Tomato Paste

Lizaz Food is reliable exporter and provider of Tomato Paste from india.

Tomato paste that we bring to you is 100% unadulterated as it is set up under the severe sterile conditions. The tomato paste and puree are offered by us in small as well bulk drum to meet the diverse necessity of the purchasers.Tomato Paste having minimum 1.90 Color value and 28 Brix come in 228kg packaging.

Lizaz Food Processing Industries offer Aseptic Tomato Paste of high caliber in the market. In general handling of Tomato Paste is kept up by exacting sterile conditions. The production, supply and fare the Tomato Paste as indicated by the most astounding quality standard. Tomato Paste handling incorporates getting, washing and arranging, slashing, pre-warming, refining, focus, stocking, sanitizing or disinfecting, and aseptic filling. Tomato Paste can be kept in aseptic conditions for making ketchup, sauces, juices, and so on.


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