Litchi Pulp

Litchi Pulp

Hills Litchi Pulp

Lizaz food select the best litchi from the ranches and these fruit cleaned and washed properly. While the fruit are in homestead, they are checked and tested for maturity index by our agronomists. The spotless fruit without the strip is put into the extraction machines.

There are no added substances in the litchi pulp since we have confidence in serving the virtue and validity to our worldwide and local clients.

The shade of the litchi pulp or puree is dull white and the taste like natural litchi fruit. Our cutting edge innovative processing technology is fit for satisfying the customer’s need of big and small assignment. He litchi pulp is gotten by going through 1/32″ strainer tubes. The causticity % as citrus extract is at least 0.5 % and soluble solids are least 15 degrees Brix. The pH dimension of the litchi pulp is somewhere in the range of 3.5 and 4.


Shimla litchi pulp
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