Tamarind Paste Black

Tamarind Paste Black

Tamarind Paste
Slightly black color of paste

We created unmistakable and dynamic position in the market by giving a brilliant cluster of Tamarind Paste concentrate. We process best quality tamarind juice concentrate using a rosy dark colored tamarind. Application included but not limited to sauce in culinary arrangements all through India.

Handpicked tamarinds are first washed, blanching and refined. Further, the plump thick ready juice is encouraged into a vacuum concentration to get the ideal tamarind juice pulp. Our quality assurance practices and agricultural technologists ensure sterile, advantageous and elegant tamarind concentrate. Our tamarind concentrate contains an acrid fruity flavor which is utilized in dishes like soups, sauces, marinades, chutneys and even certain refreshments.

Quality tamarind puree or concentrate contains all the wholesome and medical advantages. We guarantee that amid the assembling procedure the characteristic kind of the tamarind stays unblemished. It is hard to get fresh tamarind all year making tamarind concentrate a famous item the nationwide.

black tamarind paste
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