Green Chilli Paste

Green Chilli Paste best

Green Chilli Paste had very notable flavor for its searing taste. Usually favored by Jain individuals. It tends to be made into Green chilli paste by washing green chilies altogether, expelling the stem and slashing into medium pieces. Further, grinding them into blend with adequate lemon squeeze and salt

it tends to be utilized in any Curry (Sabji), Pavbhaji, Kebabs, Rasam, Sambhar. etc.

Green chili paste is rich wellsprings of cancer prevention agents and this makes them act like janitors of the body. They can ensure the body against free extreme harm giving you characteristic invulnerability to malignant growth and furthermore hindering the maturing procedure. Diabetic can profit by having these basic Indian flavors. Green chilies can adjust the glucose levels.

green chilli paste
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