White Guava Concentrate

White Guava Concentrate

Lizaz process and exports white guava concentrate mostly in GCC countries. The rich white guava concentrate of this fruit holds its normal flavor and smell.

White Guava Concentrate is extracted from physically gathered aged, sound, cleaned and matured round or pear-formed Guavas.

Inside the skin of this natural product, there is delicate, thick tissue that is mixed with numerous exceptionally modest, hard seeds. The white guava concentrate production process at our plant includes, clean motorized procedures of arranging, determination, washing, cleaving, cooking, refining, sanitation and pressing. Severe quality control measures and checking in every one of the preparing stages including the pre-dispatch and capacity are pursued.

Guava is a rich wellspring of Vitamin C, perhaps more than orange. It likewise contains a wide assortment of minerals and is a rich wellspring of strands which make it a famous item for business purposes.

white guava concentrate
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