All Purpose Flour

All Purpose Flour

Basically the most essential flour, generally All Purpose flour is produced using processed wheat. Contains: 10 to 13% protein. It contains a moderate measure of protein (gluten) and, as other white flours, is produced using just the endosperm of the wheat portion, without the supplement rich germ or grain.

White flour has next to zero nutrients and minerals, Be that as it may, it gives a moderately solid gluten structure that is reasonable for breads, brisk breads, and treats. in many kitchens and on all store racks. all purpose flour contains the seed’s endosperm, which means it’s more rack stable and will last longer than entire wheat flour.

Processed from a blend of soft and hard wheat,all-purpose flour is a staple among staples. While not really useful for all reasons, it is the most adaptable of flours, equipped for creating flaky pie hulls, soft rolls and chewy breads. Best utilized for: Cookies, Bread, Waffles, Pancakes, Biscuits, Pizza mixture, Pasta

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Key Features

  • High Quality, Free Flowing
  • Customize Packaging
  • Safe packing, Easy to handle
  • Long shelf life
  • Used by top manufacturer
Packing size1 kg-50kg
Food TypeFlour
Delivery Time6 to 7 days
QualityA+ Premium


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