100% Whole Wheat Flour

100% Whole Wheat Flour

100% Whole wheat flour. Produced using hulled red wheat grain (wheatberries). Gives more fiber and different supplements. Utilized instead of all purpose flour. Makes a heavier bread; in prepared products, frequently blended in with universally handy flour for a lighter surface and better rising. Has a shorter time frame of realistic usability than all purpose flour.Best Used For: Cookies, bread, flapjacks, pizza mixture, and pasta.

Unlike white flour, whole-wheat flour is made with all three components of the wheat kernel, the endosperm, germ, and bran. Subsequently, entire wheat flour contains fiber, minerals (selenium, manganese, phosphorus, copper), and B nutrients.

whole wheat flours can extend from lower-gluten focuses increasingly reasonable for delicate baked good (sold as whole wheat cake flour) to higher-gluten fixations appropriate for chewy bread (whole wheat bread flour).

whole wheat flour will in general have a high protein content around 13 to 14 percent, however the nearness of the germ and grain influence the flour’s gluten-framing capacity. Along these lines, whole wheat flour as a rule prompts too clingy mixture and denser baked products. The presence of wheat germ likewise makes whole wheat flour unmistakably more transitory than white flour. While white flour can sit in your kitchen in an impenetrable canister for as long as eight months, whole wheat flour will just remain at its best for as long as a quarter of a year.

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Key Features

  • High Quality, Free Flowing
  • Customize Packaging
  • Safe packing, Easy to handle
  • Long shelf life
  • Used by top manufacturer
Packing size1 kg-50kg
Food TypeFlour
Delivery Time6 to 7 days
QualityA+ Premium


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