Ginger Powder

MOQ50-450 Kg
PP Bag/Boxupto 30 kg Net Wt.
Jute Bag/Box50-65 KG Net Wt.
Delivery Time4 to 7 days
Supply AbilityIn tons per day
QualityPremium Best in Industry
Export Load20 FCL, 40FCL , Partload

Ginger Powder

Dry ginger powder is generally utilized in the kitchen to include flavor and smell.The powder is extricated from the ginger root which is dried. It is a fine grayish or marginally caramel powder that has a solid smell and a sharp flavor. Simple to store, ginger powder has a long time span of usability of around one year.

Dry ginger powder is known by various names all through India. It is called sonth in Hindi, sonti in Telugu, soonth in Gujarati, suntha in Marathi and sunti in Kannada.

Dry ginger powder is removed from dried ginger roots. It is fine in surface, grayish or somewhat caramel in shading, has a solid smell, and a sharp flavor.

Dry ginger powder adds flavor and fragrance to nourishment. Otherwise called the “cook’s decision”, dry ginger powder (sunthi) has consistently been utilized for preparing tasty gingerbread all through Europe and other western nations.

Strikingly, dry ginger or sonth is likewise one of the most broadly utilized herbs in the Ayurveda since days of yore!

Dried Ginger is a key fixing to shape any flavor mix that is utilized in Curry or Dal arrangements. It is likewise utilized in Punjabi marinades for Tandoori starters, tea while fermenting and so on.


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