Taco Seasoning

MOQ25-750 Kg
PP Bag/Boxupto 20 kg Net Wt.
Jute Bag/Box45-65 KG Net Wt.
Delivery Time2 to 4 days
Supply AbilityIn tons per day
QualityA+ Best in Industry
Nearest PortJNPT, Mundra.
Export Load20 FCL, 40FCL , Partload

Taco seasoning

Taco Seasoning is a Mexican delicacy that is progressively getting well known around the world. Taco Seasonings totally gel with any fillings, for example, meat, chicken, fish, turkey, and so forth. Taco Seasoning gives a hot surface to your tacos, making them even more delectable. We production, gracefully and trade premium quality Taco Seasonings. The Taco Seasonings, offered by us, can be secured at sensible costs.

The standard fixings in taco flavoring are dried flavors that are probably as of now in your wash room. They are overly simple to discover at any market and are economical to buy. In addition there is NO corn, NO sugar, NO MSG, and NO gluten in this taco flavoring!

  • bean stew powder
  • onion powder
  • garlic powder
  • cumin
  • paprika
  • dried oregano
  • red pepper pieces
  • salt

Our Taco Seasoning Mix is an ideal mix of bona fide Mexican flavors, similar to chiles, cumin and Mexican oregano. Our Taco Seasoning is perfect for exemplary tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and that’s just the beginning.

The most effective method to Use

Instead of salt, utilize 1-2 teaspoons taco flavoring to season hand crafted fries.

Blend 2 tablespoons taco flavoring with 1 cup sharp cream for a speedy dressing for Taco Salad or Southwestern Chicken Salad.

Season yam cuts with taco flavoring and utilize and prepare to use as base for Sweet Potato Nachos.

Include 1 tablespoon of taco flavoring to 1 pound of ground meat and structure burgers with a Southwestern turn

Add taco flavoring to Lentil Tacos, Cauliflower Tacos, or Black Bean Tacos for a meatless turn on taco night.


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