Locust Bean Gum

All Range of Hydrocolloids

We are B2B supplier, Blender and Distributor of various food ingredients required in food and beverages industry. We are doing contract manufacturing, sourcing and importing of food ingredients across globe like Locust Bean Gum  etc

Lizaz food had wide understanding as a globally acclaimed food processor and Product improvement advisor by incorporating natural ingredients in food processing industry. We’re specialists at making products that satisfy customer requirements.

Our top quality food ingredients upgrade various attributes of your product for example, nutritional value, surface, shading, flavor and shelf life etc. Our food ingredients are explicitly intended to improve your recipe and assist you with creating more advantageous yet delectable food products in accordance with market needs and food guidelines.

Key Features

  • Prepare and source from approved vendors
  • Saves time and resources
  • Safe packing, Easy to handle
  • Long shelf life
  • Used by top manufacturer
MOQ50/200 KG
Packing size1kg-50kg
Food TypeFood Ingredients
Delivery Time6 to 7 days
QualityA+ Premium


Our company is Business to Business Supplier, Importer, Blender and Distributor of various food ingredients required in food processing industry like Sweeteners, Preservatives, Acid Regulator, Anti Caking Agent, Humectant, Foaming/Antifoaming Agent, Colors, Food Cultures, Flavors, Flavor Enhancers, Firming Agents, Emulsifiers, Stabilizers and Thickeners.

We are manufacturer/ suppliers of Aseptic Fruit Pulp, Aseptic Fruit Concentrate, Paste, Sulphited Fruit Pulp, Dehydrated and Spray Dried fruit and Vegetables, Spices, Seasoning and Spices Blends, Horeca Food Products, Instant Premixes, Gravy Base, Food Ingredients, Flour, Canned Food, Frozen Fruit Pulp, IQF fruits and vegetables, Frozen Food Products.

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