IQF Cauliflower

MOQ45 carton, 600 Kg
PP Bag/Box1kg-5kg-10kg
MaterialFrozen (-18 Degree)
Delivery Time3 to 4 days
Supply AbilityIn tons per day
QualityA+ Premium
Nearest PortJNPT/Nhava, Mundra.
Export Load20 FCL, 40FCL , Partload

No Artificial Flavour, No Added Preservative, No Artificial Colour

IQF Cauliflower

Reasonable for a wide scope of nourishment applications, IQF cauliflower is especially valuable when recognizable cauliflower pieces are required in the completed item – for example in a prepared dinner.

That is on the grounds that the IQF procedure diminishes the development of ice precious stones, accordingly keeping the item free-streaming and permitting every floret to hold its normal personality.

Singular snappy freezing likewise permits the cauliflower to keep up its new flavor and fragrance once defrosted, and keeps its extremely significant supplements in civility.

Our IQF cauliflower can be provided as:

5-15mm florets/10-20mm florets/15-30mm florets/20-40mm florets/20-60mm florets/30-45 mm florets/30-50mm florets

We trades premium quality solidified IQF cauliflower florets and it is created through the accompanying procedure under sterile condition. The new cauliflower are arranged and washed. The florets are physically isolated and cut according to client’s solicitation, whitened, dewatered and solidified utilizing IQF (intended to stop microbial exercises). The solidified items are gotten through a sifter, assessed, stuffed and afterward took care of through a metal locator and moved to cold store.

This item is made out of the best cauliflower assortments and is known for its white shading

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