Frozen Pomegranate Arils

MOQ60 carton, 740 Kg
PP Bag/Box1kg-5kg-50kg
MaterialFrozen (-18 Degree)
Delivery Time2 to 3 days
Supply AbilityIn tons per day
QualityA+ Premium
Nearest PortJNPT/Nhava, Mundra.
Export Load20 FCL, 40FCL , Partload

100% Pulp,No Artificial Flavour, No Added Preservative, No Artificial Colour

Frozen Pomegranate Arils

These are produced using chosen assortments of Pomegranate arils. Completely developed and matured Pomegranate are collected, immediately moved to our IQF handling plant, reviewed and washed. Chosen great natural products go to the preparing area; The chose Pomegranate organic products are then washed once more, deseeded physically, disinfected, solidified and stuffed under severe sterile conditions.

Bundling: lizaz food Fresh IQF items are accessible in 1, 10 kgs sack in box pressing. IQF organic product items are pressed nourishment grade LDPE packs.

Pomegranate contains of succulent pearl like seeds within, which are a rich wellspring of dietary fiber and polyphenolic mixes (lift cancer prevention agent movement of the body). It additionally contains nutrients K, nutrient C and folate.

lizaz food out solidified IQF pomegranate arils. Matured Pomegranates are arranged, washed and evaluated. The pomegranate arils are expelled from the organic product. These arils are cleaned, dewatered and solidified utilizing IQF, intended to end microbial exercises that can cause decay of nourishment. The IQF arils are gotten through a sifter, examined and pressed. The stuffed containers are gone through metal finders and put away at – 18°C

Being one of the figured endeavors in the market, we are profoundly affianced in offering an ideal class extent of Frozen Pomegranate Arils to our supporters.

  • Immaculateness
  • High healthy benefit
  • New
  • Solid


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