Litchi juice concentrate

MOQ60 carton, 740 Kg
PP Bag/Box1kg-5kg-50kg
MaterialFrozen (-18 Degree)
Delivery Time2 to 3 days
Supply AbilityIn tons per day
QualityA+ Premium
Nearest PortJNPT/Nhava, Mundra.
Export Load20 FCL, 40FCL , Partload

100% Pulp,No Artificial Flavour, No Added Preservative, No Artificial Colour

Frozen Litchi Pulp concentrate

Lizaz food offered a wide scope of litchi juice concentrate which incorporates litchi pulp and concentrate. It is acquired primarily from the juice of new or profound solidified organic products. It is utilized in the refreshment and tea industry for juices, natural product juice drinks, nectars, ice tea, as added substance in mixed beverages, in the candy parlor and heating industry for desserts, organic product jams, biting desserts, fillings and in the dairy and frozen yogurt industry for organic product arrangements, icings, pastries.

Litchi Juice Concentrate is delivered by the explanation, filtration and dissipation (centralization) of Litchi Juice which has been recently acquired by handling the new, perfect, ready and sound Litchi Fruits through the back to back phases of washing, arranging, squashing and squeezing. Litchi Juice Concentrate has the trademark taste and smell of characteristic Litchi Fruits.

Litchi Juice Concentrate is then pressed, through aseptic filling or cold filling, into PE sacks in metal or plastic drums, in containers or into nourishment big haulers with explicit volumes according to client prerequisites and the stuffed Litchi juice condensed is moved to the capacity region.

Attributable to our magnificent in-house luxuries in sanchore (India), we convey enormous combination of items to the clients. We have made extraordinary statures of progress by giving first class exhibit of Litchi Concentrate.

The best expectations of value and consistency are guaranteed in our soda pop Concentrates.

Lychee Juice Concentrate is handled from ready lychee natural product that have been washed and examined and prepared as per great assembling rehearses and can come as explained or shady. It is high in cell reinforcements, Vitamin C, riboflavin, potassium, and copper while still low in calories. Lychee Juice Concentrate is utilized in tropical juice refreshments, smoothies, yogurts, dairy items, and numerous different sorts of nourishment items.


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