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What's on table

POINT#1   We are going to supply frozen fruits and pulps all India via rail, buses and by our own fleet of vehicles depend on quantity.

POINT#2   All products are Natural, Free from any addition of water, color, preservative, chemical, 100% original and pure 

POINT#3   We bring this great opportunity to become our franchise for your city or district level, Huge demand for products in Juice making, Ice cream manufacturing, sweets, confectionery making, and cake filling/manufacturing process.

POINT#4   We bring more than 30 products like mango, guava, strawberry pulp, Whole berries, Canned fruit pulp, etc.

POINT#5   To reserve your city or district we required three thousand as a security deposit, Which will be refundable at the time of leaving the franchise.

POINT#6   All Pulp, Slices, Dices, Fruits come in a 1kg PP bag in frozen condition.

Product List

1Custard Apple Pulp (Only Pulp)सीताफल का रस
2Custard Apple Pulp (around  60% Petals)सीताफल पाकळी (60%)
3Custard Apple Pulp (around  80% Petals)सीताफल पाकळी (80%)
4Custard Apple Pulp (around  100% Petals)सीताफल पाकळी (100%)
5Jamun Pulpजामुन का रस
6Chikoo Pulpचीकू का रस
7Pink Guava Pulpगुलाबी अमरूद का रस
8White Guava Pulpसफेद अमरूद का रस
9Orange Grainsसंतरे का दाना
10Orange Pulpसंतरा का रस
11Tender Coconut Slicesमुलायम नारियल का टुकड़ा
12Tender Coconut Tit Bitमुलायम नारियल tit bit
13Tender Coconut Dicesमुलायम नारियल Dice
14Jamun Slicesजामुन का टुकड़ा
15Chikoo Slicesचीकू का टुकड़ा
16Alphonso Mango Slicesअल्फांसो आम का टुकड़ा
17Alphonso Mango Pulpअल्फांसो आम रस
18Strawberry Fruitस्ट्रॉबेरी फल 
19Strawberry Pulpस्ट्रॉबेरी फल का रस
20Kiwi Slicesकीवी का टुकड़ा
21Dragon Fruit Slicesड्रैगन फल का टुकड़ा
22Jackfruit Slicesफणस का टुकड़ा
23Blackberry ब्लैकबेरी फल
24Blueberryब्लूबेरी फल
25Raspberryरास्पबेरी फल
26Papaya Dicesपपीता का टुकड़ा
27Banana Slicesकेले का टुकड़ा
28Apple Pulpसेब का रस
29Pineapple Dicesअनानास का टुकड़ा
30Anjeer Pulp 
31Canned Alphonso Mango Pulp 
32Canned Totapuri Mango Pulp 

# We continuously add more products to our list as per demand and availability


Who is this Business for?

For those who are passionate about fruit juice and pulp business and want to achieve success, for those who want to Earn handsome Income………… YOU ARE IN RIGHT PLACE

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