Black Pepper Powder

MOQ50-450 Kg
PP Bag/Boxupto 30 kg Net Wt.
Jute Bag/Box50-65 KG Net Wt.
Delivery Time4 to 7 days
Supply AbilityIn tons per day
QualityPremium Best in Industry
Export Load20 FCL, 40FCL , Partload

Black Pepper Powder

Lizaz Food Black Pepper Powder implies the powder acquired by crushing dried berries of Piper nigrum.It will have trademark fragrant flavor liberated from smell, outside scent and rancidity.

Dark pepper contains Piperine, a bioactive compound. It improves metabolic rate and upgrades the bioavailability of helpful medications.

Dark pepper is one of the most normally utilized flavors around the world.

It’s made by pounding peppercorns, which are dried berries from the vine Piper nigrum.

It has a sharp and somewhat hot flavor that works out in a good way for some dishes.

However, dark pepper is something other than a kitchen staple. It has been regarded the “lord of flavors” and utilized in old Ayurvedic medication for a large number of years because of its high centralization of intense, valuable plant mixes.

Research center investigations propose that dark pepper may improve cholesterol levels, glucose control, and cerebrum and gut wellbeing.

In spite of these promising discoveries, more examinations in people are expected to all the more likely comprehend the specific medical advantages of dark pepper and its concentrated concentrates.

In any case, this flexible flavor-enhancer merits adding to your day by day cooking schedule, as its strong flavor is an extraordinary option to practically any dish.


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