Annatto Colour

MOQ25-600 Kg
PP Bag/BoxUpto 30 KG Net Wt.
Jute Bag/Box50 KG Net Wt.
Delivery Time4 to 5 days
Supply AbilityIn tons per day

Annato color

Annatto, in some cases called roucou or achiote, is gotten from the seeds of the achiote trees of tropical and subtropical districts the world over. The seeds are sourced to deliver a carotenoid-based yellow to orange nourishment shading and flavor. Its fragrance is portrayed as “marginally peppery with a trace of nutmeg” and flavor as “somewhat nutty, sweet and peppery”.

it has been utilized as shading in numerous cheeses (e.g., Cheddar, Gloucester, Red Leicester), cheddar items (for example American cheddar, Velveeta), and dairy spreads (for example spread, margarine). Annatto can likewise be utilized to shading various non-dairy nourishments, for example, rice, custard powder, heated merchandise, seasonings, handled potatoes, nibble nourishments, breakfast grains and smoked fish.


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